Special Constructions


Technientos design with more than 20 years of experience in special constructions and always guided by elegance, functionality and ergonomics, undertakes the implementation of any kind of special construction. Domestic or professional space, we design all type of special constructions on your preferred measurements, combining any materials required.

Special constructions in Health Institutes, Hospitals, Operating rooms, Clinics, Pharmacies.

We undertake the construction of laboratory worktops and furniture, operating rooms cladding, scrub ups as well as any construction with materials of high specifications such as Corian® DuPont ™ or other materials required by your construction.

Materials for the lining of your fireplace

Fireplace linings with materials that lead in modern construction. Unique quartz, ceramic, gres-porsellanato surfaces, pressed cement and natural stone plates that offer a warm and attractive look to your fireplace.

Constructions for sanitary interest stores/ buildings

Manufacture of sanitary interest worktops and customer service surfaces for bars, restaurants, cafes with materials that meet the specifications of EFET.

Manufacture of furniture, promotion stands and product display stands.

We manufacture any kind of furniture, stand or projection system combining any hardware your construction requires according to customer customized needs and instructions.

Manufacture of any special furniture in hairdressing salons, beauty institutes and nail salons at the desired dimensions

Backwash basins, pedicure sinks, side tables, hair salon tables, receptions, workbenches and any kind of construction according to the needs of your business.

Professional catering equipment

We can adapt Corian® DuPont ™, quartz or ceramic surfaces in any construction has to do with professional equipment such as: professional refrigerators, refrigerated or heated glass units (such as Bain-Maries etc.).

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