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Material from natural marble grain Italian origin with resins impurities.
Used as coating interior-exterior walls, in internal facades, special rooms, entrances, stairs gaps, corridors
applied over gypsum concrete, mosaics, plaster, thermal insulation systems, old but sound surfaces.
On exterior surfaces serves as insulating material.
Type of binder: stiren Akrylic Cololymer
Specific Weight: 1.90kg / lt
Layer thickness depending on kokometria: cat. F by 0,70-1,20mm, R of 1.20-1.80mm
Viscosity: 800000 CPS 25% C
Volume: 77%
Ph: 8.5 - + 0.5
Water vapor permeability: 100 gr / m2 24 ώρες% UR 25 0C
Dilution: ready for use
Application temperature: + 50C to +35 0C (normal range) + 20C to + 250C (series x)
Drying Time: 3 hours the first drying, at 96 hours the complete
Consumption: Series F = 3-3,5kg / m2, Series R = 4-4.5 kg / m2
Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place at + 50C at least until 12 months
Packaging: 25kg
Easy application