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CORIAN DUPONT® Ingredients & Materials

CORIAN® of DuPont USA, s a solid non-porous material by homogeneously establishment: 25% acrylic resin (methacrylate polymethyl or PMA) and 75% natural mineral ores main ingredient with hydrate aluminum (ΑΤΗ), originating from bauxite, a mineral produced from aluminum.

Corian Main Advantages:
  • Seamless and jointless surfaces, give uniformity in the application and outstanding sturdiness.
  • It is a non-porous material, lightweight compared to marble or granite and inflamed (hot formed).
  • Available in a wide variety of colors, high strength - invariant time.
  • 100% antibacterial.
  • Officially certified for hygienic and it is suitable for public places (schools, hospitals, restaurants) and does not need special cleaners.
  • It is friendly to the touch, with velvety sensation.
These features combined with the variety of colors available which make them ideal for bench construction, coats wallhospitals, bathroom and kitchen furniture, signage and for many other applications.
The constructions include a 10 year warranty.
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CORIAN Products
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Can I place a hot pan on a solid surfaces kitchen worktop?

Although solid surfaces resist heat, they also have the quality to change shape when they remain in height temperature forever 30 min.

Daily use of cooking pots can rarely cause a problem with an exception of pressure cookers, since the temperatures are not height enough to damage the kitchen work tops.

But even in the case of pressure cookers, the temperature is decreasing when the pot is taken off the cooker. In order to prevent possible damage, we can place removable robs, made of stainless steel on the kitchen worktops.


Can solid surfaces stain?

Solid surfaces are non-porous materials, specially designed not to get stained. Stains that are left to dry for over 24 hours or stain that are not thoroughly cleaned with common detergents can easily be removed if instructions by Technientos Design are followed.


Can I use a Knife directly on solid surfaces?

Although solid surfaces are very resilient they can be scratched by a sharp Knife. A cutting board should be used. Accidental cuts or scratches can easily repaired.


Is it possible for solid surfaces to return back to its original polish?

Yes, if you have a polished worktop, it can return back to its original polish. Please contact Technientos Design for Further Information.


Can they be installed on fireplaces?

Yes, solid surfaces can be used for external covering of fireplaces.


Is it easy to keep a solid surface clean?

Minimum effort is required in order to keep a solid surface clean. That is because of the constituents and the way of manufacturing which offer credible solution and beauty for many years.


Is it easy to repair or refurbish solid surfaces?

A solid surface is consistent throughout the entire thickness of the material. Therefore scratches can easily be repaired even by the house wife herself.

Accidental extensive damage can also be repaired by experienced and qualified staff.