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Forged Cement

Advantages of forged cement
  • Small application thickness that rarely exceeds 3 - 4 mm on the floor and 2 mm on the walls, so there is great interest in reconstructions.
  • Adhesion to existing coatings directly on tiles, wood and dry wall, mosaics, cast iron sanitary ware and furniture.
  • High strength in areas such as heavy duty floors, stairs, bathrooms, wc and sanitary surfaces (restaurants - Cook).
  • Available in variety of RAL colors.
  • Applies to interiorexterior areas, pools, underfloor heating, furniture.
  • Each embodiment according to the area, is protected from high strength varnish long time.
  • Forged Cement with special anti-scratch properties, high resistance to chemicals and stains, high elasticity (3,5 Ν/mm²) high shock resistance (32Ν/mm²), ideal for underfloor heating.
  • Applied directly onto tiles, mosaics, with a maximum thickness of 5 mm, with special abrasion water resistant varnish , two components in matt, satin and gloss with resistance to chemicals (UNI EN ISO 2812-1 method 2) and resistance to abrasion (>3.0Ν/mm²).