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The area of ​​the slate is an absolutely timeless natural product derived exclusively from mother nature, peel stone of sedimentary rocks, real rock, which evolved after over millions of years of the earth's crust. (Dimensions: 1,22 x 0.61 & 2.44 x 1.22)

Product with separate appearance and texture proving the absolute naturalness.
It is a veneer of natural wood with many advantages and unlimited application options.
Wall paneling, perfect for fireplaces, elevators, stairs, floors, doors (cabinets, furniture, kitchen, closet) for interior and exterior of homes and commercial buildings, maritime providing exceptional elegance and high quality architecture.
Applied in cement, wood, metal, glass, mdf, chipboard and many other substrates.
Advantages over the stone very lightweight, flexible, cut with diamond woodworking tools, fast, easy installation, saving time.
It is a sustainable product mined by nature only a few millimeters stone and not whole pieces as in marble.
Technical Specifications 

  • Weight: 1,50 klg / m2 thickness 3-7 mm.
  • Content Shale: 1 to 1.4 mm. - Substrate resins with glass fibers.
  • Recommendation: sedimentary rocks (oxygen, carbon, silicon, aluminum, iron, potassium).
  • Free formaldehyde.
  • Thermal expansion: 0,5-0,80 mm.
  • Friction: IS: 9162-1979 (average 0.70 mm. Maximum wear of 0.80 mm.).
  • Density: kg / m2.
  • IS: 12866-1989 1.45 kg / m2.
  • Non-absorbent water method astm C-121.
  • Resistance: at temperatures below zero 80 Co.
  • Not affected by UV radiation.
  • Past materials vradykafstotitas.
  • Maintained like natural stone.
  • Cleaned with neutral detergents.
  • Sealed depending on the application.
  • Treated at temperature 10-35 Co.
  • Storage before use materials in dry rooms.